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Financing expertise for owners, investors and developers of assets in markets across the U.S.

We provide clients with a range of capital solutions through our networks.

Our Debt & Equity Financing network is designed to provide clients with a range of capital solutions to support their investment strategies. We are in the market every day with our lenders ranging from FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, Life Company, Bank, Pension Fund, Sovereign Wealth Fund, and Red Swan tokenization relationships. This continuous market presence helps our clients achieve the best financing results.

Our lending network helps our clients with the origination and structuring of more complex common and preferred equity placements, including partnership recapitalizations.

Niche Expertise

Onyx team members have specialized expertise and vital relationships in all service lines to ensure our clients successfully reach their objectives.

Middle Market

We are a real estate services and investment firm with skilled professionals operating in select markets in the United States our team bridges the gaps for Tier 3 and Tier 2 private clients who seek and deserve Tier 1 quality service.

Creating Opportunities

We are positioned to source exclusive opportunities for our clients-sellers frequently become buyers. Onyx Legacy Group’s expansive network is utilized to foster new possibilities for our clients whether it be support for the capital stack or new syndication alliances.

  • Dallas*
  • Tarrant*
  • Tertiary*

Deals by Market

North Texas is ever evolving and filled with unique submarkets. The Allen Multifamily Team’s in-depth knowledge of both assets and investors alike, and insights of submarket’s past, present, and future economic drivers, accelerate our client’s success.
*Subject to Fluctuate

Work with Us

Work with a team that specializes in the multifamily sector and meet – and exceed – your investment objectives. Whether you’re looking to enter a new market or searching for a site to build your new development, or a higher yield value add asset, our first-hand market insights, proprietary data and significant industry relationships will help uncover your next great opportunity.

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